Sabina Rand has passed away due to Covid 19
May she rest in peace.

Mark Worksman has passed away.
May he rest in peace

Stuart Ulrich died today. 
May he rest in peace

Eric Mandelbaum passed away on October 4th.  May his memory be a blessing.

Elliot Bershader passed away yesterday.  May he rest in peace.

This site was created in 2005 in anticipation of the 40th reunion of the class of 1966.  On the evening of September 17, 2005 over 60 of us gathered for an emotional reunion.


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Who ever heard of a 6th grade reunion?  I did.  Well, actually that's not true. I never actually heard of one happening, but it was I who initiated this endeavor.

I was inspired by a few things.  The first was a Francis Lewis reunion I attended back in 1988.  It was poorly organized and the turnout was very disappointing.  Having said that, the people I had the most fun seeing were those whom I had actually known from childhood days at PS 173---Gary Schwartz and Marla Roberts to name just two.    Some , like Marla, had been my childhood friends, while others, were people I probably never saw outside of school, but whom I had known and been to school with for nearly every day of my pre-college life.  In both cases, the memories we shared were wonderful.

Second, many of these 173 friends and acquaintances remembered my father clearly.  My dad, Sidney Davidson owned the kosher deli at 
68-26 Fresh Meadow Lane, one block south of 173 during our elementary school years.  It was next door to Manny's and across the street from Sol & Jeans and the  Mayfair movie theater

  Many of us ate lunch at my dad's store regularly (some us of, perhaps, more than others :-).  I have posted a few pictures of my dad in the Photo Album Section.

As I lost both my mom & dad way too early, (20 and 18 years ago respectively), I treasured the memories so many of you shared about my parents and eating at the deli.

So, I have had the idea for this reunion for many years, but it only became practical in the past few years as the Internet has made it possible to connect with people so easily. And a period of unemployment gave me the time to undertake the daunting task of finding as many of you as possible.

This project actually started last year when Gary Schwartz and I re-connected via email and challenged one another to contact our elementary school "crushes."   Being the amateur internet sleuth that I apparently have become, I quickly "found" Claire Marcus for Gary and Neil Devins for myself.  We contacted our "crushes"--and although neither resulted in a wonderful reception----(Claire had trouble initially remembering Gary, and Neil was fearful that I was some kind of demented stalker!), Gary and I got to talking about so many others we remembered and I was inspired to try to make this happen. 

And happen it has!  Out of approximately 190 students who graduated in June, 1966, over 110 have been found and contacted to date.  And over 65 have indicated that they plan on attending the reunion.

Many of you have been helpful in locating classmates.  A few of you have put forth significant effort to help make this reunion as successful as it promises to be.  A special thanks to those of you who have made phone calls, done internet sleuthing and sent me photos and other materials.

Sadly, I have learned of 9 classmates who have passed away.  You can see a list of their names on the "In Memoriam Page" of this site.

I have had the most wonderful time re-connecting with so many of you, and getting to know others of you for the first time.   A few of you (you know who you are) have become new, dear, friends to me.

Our reunion parity promises to be a very special evening. I am looking forward to seeing all of you!

Please check out the entire website.  They are some wonderful photos, and please, please send me others you may have and I shall post them.  Also, please RSVP and sign the Guest Book so that your classmates can learn a bit about you and contact you via email.





~ Debra Davidson, June, 2005





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